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11/20: We heard good energy talk by Timm LauCaura WoodDorle Drackle and Werner Krauss.

Petroleum, Progress, and Petrification in Saudi Arabia concerning the art form, titled Tahjir (~stoning), wherein folks raise cars up on mounds of stone, in fact, fitting stones anywhere within the car.

From nomadism to a highly urbanized and electronically connected, car culture is definitely on the rise, with Saudi drifting, sidewall skiing, and other embodied experiences of driving that align with progress (movement forward, oil, fluidity).


What else. Tajir, cars become petrified merging with the rocky landscape. The petroleum based mobility of the car is replaced with a non-moving state — a type of hybrid, merging the progressive structure of the car with the land itself, infilling with a type of petroleum-petrification.

We turned to talking about corporate investments in junior energy firms in Alberta. Value creation — financialization of geology. That sounds good.

folks Okay, where were we, distracted by time-value of petro-geological assessments fluctuating based on registration of the object. Reminds me of the fabulous article by Vidar Hepsø, on geologists translating the personal into mapping. Well, let us see.

Dorle Drackle and Werner Krauss, talking decarbonization in Germany in the wake of the Fukushima. The green energy future, citing Laura Nader, linear model, unchanged road to progress. Crisis model, reaction to oil crisis, and the increment by….

I remember, now. We used the stairs.card




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