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Michael Heizer sculptures.

Heizer’s angles (45°, 90°, 180°) sculpture installed at Rice University.

How well they would look if relocated to the Marin Southern Cone — Heizer’s Rocks Relocated:afargoldybeachroad

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Subterranean Estates

5/19: This time, we all met at Michael Watt‘s office, with Hannah Appel, on the fifth floor of McCone Building, Department of Geography, north side entrance of UC Berkeley. Our task was to fill out the promotional material list required by Cornell University Press for our upcoming edited volume Subterranean Estates: Lifeworlds of Oil and Gas.

We spent some time catching up. For example, Michael mentioned having given a talk at Cornell University recently, which provided an opportunity to meet up with Malcolm R., chief editor for Cornell U Press. Hannah has been getting ready to move to Los Angeles, to take up her assistant professor position in the Department of Anthropology at UCLA.

The list of questions (distinctive qualities, key words, promotional quotes from marquee names, etc), took the better part of two hours.




Lifeworlds of Oil and Gas

(the Oil Talk book).sky2meal

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